Team Momba Movie - Motorcyclist Nov, 2006

Ever wonder what happened with Team Momba? We’re still here, and with the help of our friends, able to once again view the crazy motorcycle build at Mid-Ohio in 2006 building a vintage competitive race bike entirely from swap meet parts? (See Feature story for November 2006 Motorcyclist magazine with Mitch Boehm piloting it at the AHRMA Vintage Motorcycle races at Mid-Ohio that weekend - Link in our media page) See the entire movie here.

We definitely have a lot of race reporting to catch up on, but we have one more race left to go! Pikes Peak International Hill Clib was rescheduled due to the Waldo Canyon wildfires in July, so its now on for August 12th weekend! If you;d like to support the Battle of the Blaze Fund, Please visit our Support tab to donate to this fund. Thanks!