WFO Racing & Team up for 2nd AMA ProRacing V&H XR1200 Series Race in 2011
After teaming up for the Road America XR1200 Series race this year, we are pleased to team up again with Shawn in the seat riding for WFO Racing once again at the Indy AMA ProRacing event during the MotoGP at Indy this year.

We'll have more updates as we get our team organized (sponsorship for our grass roots team is now thankfully coming in!) So we'll be getting ourselves in thrash mode for practice this week (Aug 18/19th) and then for the event the following weekend. Check out Shawn's Racing Resume/Sponsorship Prospectus to see what experience he bring to the team!
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Higbee Racing’s main objective is to provide a motorsports marketing solution for growing businesses to stay ahead of the competition in today’s challenging economy. This is accomplished by collaborating with a few select companies in a multi-year sponsorship business plan. The companies’ individual marketing dollars will be pooled together in a strategic manner to create a marketing impact greater than any stand-alone budget could generate.
The business plan incorporates the Higbee Racing program as a tool to create valuable marketing impact by competing in select 2011 AMA Pro Roadracing, TTXGP, FIM E Power and WSMC events. The race results and team marketing will project an image of exceptional performance with demonstratable efficiency, dedication, and the courage to be leaders.
Through the eyes of the public, the sponsors’ brands will also be associated with these qualities. The presence of the race team will create extraordinary fan affinity, loyalty and strengthen market share for the sponsors products and services. The combination of competitive results, and spectacular presentation will also enhance branding for all stakeholders.
I started road racing motorcycles in 1989 and have won many races and championships over the past 20 years. Throughout these years much knowledge has been gained about the sport of motorcycle road racing. Racing success has been earned at the regional, national and international levels. Countless hours have been spent learning how to efficiently operate a team, including budgeting, and marketing. As well as honing race craft, assembling race bikes and testing. As a test development rider, I have extensive product development and testing experience.

-WSMC Bott Heavyweight Champion (2010)
-1st Place TTXGP Electric at Infineon CA (2010)
- 5th in AMA Daytona 200 (2009)
-WSMC track record holder (2009)
-3rd in the Moto-ST SST endurance Championship (2008)
- 3
rd in the Daytona SST 8HR Endurance (2008)
-AMA Superbike Top privateer (2003)

-Formula USA Unlimited Superbike National Champion (2003)
- 3rd place Macau International GP (1997)
- NASB Buell Lightning National Champion (1997)
- AMA Harley-Davidson Twinsport National Champion (1994)
Higbee Racing is goal-driven and will be working hard to pioneer and develop emerging technologies. These developments will help to gain a competitive advantage on the racetrack and also translate to the commercial sector. Much focus will be put on financial, operational, and environmental efficiency.

-Vehicle on-track development (chassis stiffness, inertia, geometry, durability)
- Data acquisition (sensor setup, hardware configuration, data analysis)
- Basic CAD experience (Think 3 and Solidworks)
- Suspension development and Testing (damping curves,wheel rates,stiffness)
- Racetrack Simulation Analysis (model building, data analysis)
- Vehicle dynamic handling test (high speed, maneuverability, ride quality)
- MTS equipment (ultimate failure, fatigue and durability testing)
- General machine shop operation (lathes, mill, etc)
Vehicle Dyno Testing
- Ergonomic design and development

Wind tunnel testing and aerodynamic development
- Brake system development (pad, hydraulic ratio, cooling, drag)

-ECU development (Fuel and Spark maps)
- Tire construction development (handling, compounds, carcass, stiffness)
- Vehicle lab testing (chassis stiffness, full vehicle and component inertia)

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For more information about the Higbee racing program and how sponsorship can be used to effectively market and promote your company, please email or call 414-397-2056.