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Wes & Leah Orloff

Wes, Leah, Shawn Higbee, Shawn Conrad, Rick Goldberg, Andy Mauk, Pat Mooney

Wes Orloff

Leah Orloff

Rick Goldberg, Andy Mauk

Wynn & Indy Orloff is composed of Harley-Davidson engineers Leah Bober and Wes F. Orloff (initials: WFO….), and is a privateer team committed to drag and road racing Harley-Davidson and Buell motorcycles, as well as vintage race bikes, for the pure love of the sport. Both Wes and Leah grew up in the Greater Cleveland Ohio area, Both attended Ohio State University, both attained Mechanical Engineering degrees, but It wasn’t until both started working at the Harley-Davidson Product Development Center that they met! Wes and Leah married in 2008, son Wynn was born 2009 on Valentine’s Day (after sneaking in a few races in the 2008 season before mom knew he was on board), and now the newest daughter, Indy, arrived on Independence Day 2010! We have many exciting times to report from our pre-infant days and will be posting those between races. Some of you may have already seen some of our more notorious work if you know about what happened at Mid-Ohio Motorcycle Vintage Days (Team MOMBA)
Wes Orloff has been racing Buells since 1999, highlights being attaining the 2008 Battle of the Twins Formula 2 championship on a Buell XB12. Wes has also earned numerous battle of the twins national wins over the years, Fastrack Endurance wins on an XB9R, and even the first recognized national road race win on an XBRR. We is the two time defending Harley money class track champion at Union Grove Harley shootout series, hot street champion at the Country Harley Drags, and past AMRA race event winner, all on his 10 second Buell lightning drag bike. Wes also holds a World Land-speed record on a Buell XB9 (MPS-PP 1000cc: 169.321 mph). Orloff is an avid supermoto competitor in the summer, switching to ice racing during the winter months, all on a KTM525SMC. In addition to his racing exploits, Wes also helps teach a road race school with Sportbike Track Time . Read Wes's Bio
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Leah (Bober) Orloff started road racing in 2004, and has become a consistent top ten finisher in the Battle of the Twins Formula 3 class, racing a Buell XB9 and Suzuki SV650. Leah has also taken over the reigns of WFO Racing’s championship winning Buell X1 Lightning drag bike, all ready going quicker and faster than Wes. Leah also competes on the supermoto and ice racing circuit with Wes. Wins are just a matter of time for this fearless competitor…. Read Leah's Bio
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Clockwise: Working on Honda CR175 at before AHRMA race in Daytona, Sportbike Tracktime Instructor at Road America, staging for Battle of the Twins Formula 3 Race at Barber.
Team MOMBA Connection: Andy Mauk & Rick Goldberg teamed up with us in our TEAM MOMBA experience and we have been closely working with them ever since. Fellow racers and extraordinary builders/fabricators, we shared many years prepping and building bikes together, and then showing them off on the track. We also have lots of information on how they joined our team, check out their profiles to see more.
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Left: Wes tests 1st bike built from Mid-Ohio Swap Meet and raced on same weekend, 2006. Above: 2007 Mid-Ohio Vintage Days - MOMBA2 (Andy Mauk, Wes Orloff, Leah (Bober) Orloff, Alex Brown, Mitch Boehm, Rick Goldberg. See Media page for full articles.
Our Growing Team: Pat Mooney and Shawn Conrad joined us by the lure of the race bikes we built and convinced them to ride. They enjoyed it so much; they stuck with it and now are involved in numerous ways with our team!
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Indy Moto GP 2011
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