Current Sponsors: We have thoroughly enjoyed working with our great sponsors over the years. I think it is a statement in itself that we have been with most of them since 1999! All of our efforts couldn't be possible without support. See who supports us and let us know if you'd like to be one of them.
Corporate & Private Sponsors...
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  • Advanced Sleeve – Good friend Jeff Zaugg. 4 years now on our aluminum sleeved/nikisil stock cylinders.
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  • Cometic Gasket – Jason has helped us out for years. Cometic gaskets throughout the engine.
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  • We couldn't ask for a better neighbor! CJ Designs Craig Johnson and his wife Katie are great friends and huge supporters! Be sure to check them out.
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  • Motorcycle chassis dyno technical support to enhance our race performance and development efforts
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  • Framecrafters – Karsten and Randy ILLg, emergency Buell exhaust repair
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  • RaceTech – Suspension components and advice. Thanks Matt!
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  • R/J Performance has been a major supporter of Dale and his quest for Vintage Honda parts for the Honda Premier class racer!
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  • Spider Grips – Great grips from our great friends from the Bonneville Salt Flats, Becca and Paul Livingston.
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  • SportBikeTrackTime - Thanks to Bonnie & Monte for all the support over the years and allowing us to instruct for SBTT events!
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Our Family & Friends...
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The Bober Family
The Orloff Family
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Dale & Pricilla Coffman
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Bob & Suzie Foist
All our Friends